Browse and display Graphite graphs in terminal

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  import terphite from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/terphite';



This is a toy/experimental Console Graphite Browser loosely based on Graphite Composer.

It uses blessed and blessed-contrib (line graph and tree) to do all the heavy lifting, both are awesome. I almost did this with termui but the choice of coffee-script or Go really came down to the availability of a tree widget.

This could be taken much, much further. Implementing the features of Kibana or Grafana in a console app is totally feasible.

Next steps might be to add the Graph Options and Apply Function features from Composer. And make a dashboard view a la blessed-graphite that can display and save a grid of graphs.

Demo Screencast

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obfuscurity [8:37 AM] that’s better than the real thing lol


npm install -g terphite


terphite http://user:pass@your.graphite.com:1234