Logs the plops of a beer fermentation.

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  import tesselPlopsLogger from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/tessel-plops-logger';



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Logs the plops of a beer fermentation. Like so.

Plopping action


var tessel = require('tessel');
var ambientLib = require('ambient-attx4');
var ambient = ambientLib.use(tessel.port.B);

var options = {
  debug: true,  // Whether or not to spit out all kinds of debug messages.
  interval: 3,  // Interval for sending data back (in s.)
  ledNumber: 1, // The led number on the tessel to light up when sensing a plop.
  level: 0.017, // The volume level to trigger the sound trigger.
  maxLevel: 0.1, // The max volume level (higher sounds will be ignored).
  plopCallback: function (err, data) {} // Callback that will be called on every plop.

var tpl = require('tessel-plops-logger')(ambient, options, tessel);
var numberOfChecks = 0;

// Function to call at every interval end.
function onIntervalEnd(err, plops) {
  console.log('Plops per 3s at %s is %d', new Date(), plops);
  if (numberOfChecks > 3) {
    // This will stop the interval based checks.