A base NPM package for writing a NPM package in ES2015

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A base package for creating NPM packages with ES2015.

Writing in ES2015 is an amazing experience. Setting up babel and the development environment in a kind of a pain.

If you want to write a NPM module in ES2015 and publish to NPM with backward compatibility, this is the easiest way.

Basic Usage

  • Simply clone this project.
  • Change the package.json as you want.
  • lib/index.js in your entry point.
  • Then publish to npm via npm publish.


  • ESLINT support is added to the project.
  • It's configured for ES2015 and inherited configurations from graphql/graphql-js.
  • Use npm run lint to lint your code and npm run lintfix to fix common issues.


  • You can write test under __test__ directory anywhere inside lib including sub-directories.
  • Then run npm test to test your code. (It'll lint your code as well).
  • You can also run npm run testonly to run tests without linting.

ES2015 Setup

  • ES2015 support is added with babel6.
  • After you publish your project to NPM, it can be run on older node versions and browsers without the support of Babel.
  • This project uses ES2015 and some of the upcoming features like async await.
  • You can change them with adding and removing presets.
  • All the polyfills you use are taken from the local babel-runtime package. So, this package won't add any global polyfills and pollute the global namespace.


  • Babel6 and the team behind it.
  • Facebook's graphql-js authors for ESLint configurations and for the directory structure.