Simple test framework using Promises

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Test queue

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A simple test framework for running async tests in node.

You might want to consider using "mocha"(https://www.npmjs.com/package/mocha) rather than this. It's much more powerful (despite its nasty use of globals)

This framework lets you queue up a series of async tests and run them. It can output the results of the tests to the console, and run a directory of tests.


// Use the node assert libary for your assertions
var assert = require('assert');
var TestQueue = require('test-queue');

// Create a new queue of tests
var queue = new TestQueue()
    .addTest( function( pass, fail ) {
        // Do some testing
        // Pass the test
    } )
    .addTest( function( pass, fail ) {
        // Do more testing
        // Another way to pass the test
        return 'pass';
    } )
    .addTest( function( pass, fail ) {
        // Do more testing
        // Oh dear, this one has failed
        return Promise.reject('fail');
    } )
    .setup( function() {
        // function run before the tests start
    } )
    .teardown( function() {
        // function run after all the tests have finished whether they pass or fail
    } )
    .on( 'pass', function(name) {
        console.log( name, ' has passed' );
    } )
    .on( 'fail', function( name, e ) {
        console.log( name, ' has failed with error', e );
    } );

// Set the queue up for outputting to the console

// Run the tests
        // Run returns a Promise
        function(stats) {
            console.log( 'All tests passed')
        function(stats) {
            console.log( 'Some tests did\'t pass ');


var testQueue = new TestQueue(options) 

options.stopOnFail - Boolean, optional, default = true. Stop running tests if a test fails.

testQueue is an event emitter.


pass A test has passed. The name of the test is passed as the first argument

fail A test has failed. The name of the test is passed as the first argument and the error message as the second.

start Emitted before the tests start. If the test is a TestQueue the first argument will be the queue name

finish Emitted when the tests have finished. The first argument is the results. If the test is a TestQueue the second argument will be the queue name.

info Can be used to emit general information about what a test is doing.


testQueue.addTest( name, function(pass,fail){
    // The test goes here
} );

name - String - The name of the test

function(pass,fail){} - Function - The test.

The test can either use the pass or fail callbacks to pass or fail, or return something truthy to pass, or return an exception to fail, or return a Promise whose resolution will determine if the test passes or fails.

If the function throws an uncaught error this will be caught and the test will be failed.

Returns the TestQueue object for chaining.

testQueue.addTest( name, subTestQueue );

name - String - The name of the test

subTestQueue - TestQueue - A TestQueue. The sub queue of tests to run.

All events from the subqueue will be emitted by the parent testQueue.

Returns the TestQueue object for chaining

testQueue.setup( function(){
    // Setup tasks
} )

The setup function is run before all tests. Return a Promise object if setup is async.

testQueue.teardown( function(){
    // Teardown tasks
} )

The teardown function is run after all tests have finished whether they passed or failed.

Return a Promise object if teardown is async.


Run the queued tests.

Returns a promise.

The promise will resolve or reject with a object with the properties

  • passed: number of tests passed
  • failed: number of tests failed
  • time: the time in ms the tests took to run

Static methods


Modifies an existing instance of TestQueue so it outputs to the console each time a test passes or fails and the statistics when the tests finish.

Output is coloured red and green and indented as appropriate.

TestQueue.testDirectory( path, options );

Given a directory of .js or .node files, requires the file and adds exports.tests to a test queue using the file name as the test name.

path - String. Absolute path to the directory

options.stripNumber - Boolean, optional, default = true. For files named like '1. file name', stips the number from the name allowing you to define a test order.

options.exclude - String[], optional, default = ['index.js','node.js']. Files not to run as tests. Allows you to keep all tests and the controller in the same directory.

Returns a TestQueue object.