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Basic Style Dictionary

This example code is bare-bones to show you what this framework can do. If you have the style-dictionary module installed globally, you can cd into this directory and run:

style-dictionary build

You should see something like this output:

Copying starter files...

Source style dictionary starter files created!

Running `style-dictionary build` for the first time to generate build artifacts.

✔︎  build/scss/_variables.scss

✔︎  build/android/font_dimens.xml
✔︎  build/android/colors.xml

✔︎  build/ios/StyleDictionaryColor.h
✔︎  build/ios/StyleDictionaryColor.m
✔︎  build/ios/StyleDictionarySize.h
✔︎  build/ios/StyleDictionarySize.m

✔︎  build/ios-swift/StyleDictionary.swift

✔︎  build/ios-swift/StyleDictionaryColor.swift
✔︎  build/ios-swift/StyleDictionarySize.swift

Pat yourself on the back, you have now built your first style dictionary! Moving on, take a look at what we have built. This should have created a build directory and it should look like this:

├── README.md
├── config.json
├── properties/
│   ├── color/
│       ├── base.json
│       ├── font.json
│   ├── size/
│       ├── font.json
├── build/
│   ├── android/
│      ├── font_dimens.xml
│      ├── colors.xml
│   ├── scss/
│      ├── _variables.scss
│   ├── ios/
│      ├── StyleDictionaryColor.h
│      ├── StyleDictionaryColor.m
│      ├── StyleDictionarySize.h
│      ├── StyleDictionarySize.m
│   ├── ios-swift/
│      ├── StyleDictionary.swift
│      ├── StyleDictionaryColor.swift
│      ├── StyleDictionarySize.swift

If you open config.json you will see there are 3 platforms defined: scss, android, ios. Each platform has a transformGroup, buildPath, and files. The buildPath and files of the platform should match up to the files what were built. The files built should look like these:


<!-- font_dimens.xml -->
  <dimen name="size_font_small">12.00sp</dimen>
  <dimen name="size_font_medium">16.00sp</dimen>
  <dimen name="size_font_large">32.00sp</dimen>
  <dimen name="size_font_base">16.00sp</dimen>

<!-- colors.xml -->
  <color name="color_base_gray_light">#ffcccccc</color>
  <color name="color_base_gray_medium">#ff999999</color>
  <color name="color_base_gray_dark">#ff111111</color>
  <color name="color_base_red">#ffff0000</color>
  <color name="color_base_green">#ff00ff00</color>
  <color name="color_font_base">#ffff0000</color>
  <color name="color_font_secondary">#ff00ff00</color>
  <color name="color_font_tertiary">#ffcccccc</color>


// variables.scss
$color-base-gray-light: #cccccc;
$color-base-gray-medium: #999999;
$color-base-gray-dark: #111111;
$color-base-red: #ff0000;
$color-base-green: #00ff00;
$color-font-base: #ff0000;
$color-font-secondary: #00ff00;
$color-font-tertiary: #cccccc;
$size-font-small: 0.75rem;
$size-font-medium: 1rem;
$size-font-large: 2rem;
$size-font-base: 1rem;


#import "StyleDictionaryColor.h"

@implementation StyleDictionaryColor

+ (UIColor *)color:(StyleDictionaryColorName)colorEnum{
  return [[self values] objectAtIndex:colorEnum];

+ (NSArray *)values {
  static NSArray* colorArray;
  static dispatch_once_t onceToken;

  dispatch_once(&onceToken, ^{
    colorArray = @[
[UIColor colorWithRed:0.800f green:0.800f blue:0.800f alpha:1.000f],
[UIColor colorWithRed:0.600f green:0.600f blue:0.600f alpha:1.000f],
[UIColor colorWithRed:0.067f green:0.067f blue:0.067f alpha:1.000f],
[UIColor colorWithRed:1.000f green:0.000f blue:0.000f alpha:1.000f],
[UIColor colorWithRed:0.000f green:1.000f blue:0.000f alpha:1.000f],
[UIColor colorWithRed:1.000f green:0.000f blue:0.000f alpha:1.000f],
[UIColor colorWithRed:0.000f green:1.000f blue:0.000f alpha:1.000f],
[UIColor colorWithRed:0.800f green:0.800f blue:0.800f alpha:1.000f]

  return colorArray;


Pretty nifty! This shows a few things happening:

  1. The build system does a deep merge of all the property JSON files defined in the source attribute of config.json. This allows you to split up the property JSON files however you want. There are 2 JSON files with color as the top level key, but they get merged properly.
  2. The build system resolves references to other style properties. {size.font.medium.value} gets resolved properly.
  3. The build system handles references to property values in other files as well as you can see in properties/color/font.json.

Now let's make a change and see how that affects things. Open up properties/color/base.json and change "#111111" to "#000000". After you make that change, save the file and re-run the build command style-dictionary build. Open up the build files and take a look.


Now go forth and create! Take a look at all the built-in transforms and formats.