TDD framework

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  import testIt from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/test.it';



TDD testing framework.


  • to use dev console instead of page DOM (in browser)
  • to avoid crashes
  • to avoid differences in results of tests of one and the same code
  • to provide the ease of use
  • to provide async testing
  • to provide particular output
  • multilevel nesting
  • chaining


  • OOP
  • Strategy pattern

Test types

  • validity of expression or value
  • equality between 2 or more values
  • constructor (type) of value



  • First: install framework and output module

npm install 'test.it' npm install 'test.it-nodejs'

**Hint:** *you can use [`-g`](https://npmjs.org/doc/install.html) flag to install them globally*
+ Second: add core of framework and output module, set it as default printer
test = require('test.it');
nodeConsole = require('test.it-nodejs');
btw you can use this construction:
(test = require('test.it')).printer(require('test.it-nodejs'));

**Info:** *Output module is not required! You can use test.it without any output at all.*

It's repo takes place [here](https://github.com/titulus/test.it-nodejs)


### How to use
You can find the API manual on [wiki](https://github.com/titulus/test.it/wiki/API)

### Online demo
Look at it right [here](http://titulus.github.io/test.it/)
Русская версия [сдесь](http://titulus.github.io/test.it/RU/)