Magellan reporter plugin that provides Admiral2 dashboard support

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:warning::warning: DEPRECATED :warning::warning:

This project, and it's related TestArmada projects, will no longer be supported. No further work from the owners will be done, and no PRs will be reviewed.

Admiral2 Reporter Plugin for Magellan

This is a plugin to allow magellan test runs to report to the Admiral2 dashboard system.

PLEASE NOTE: v3.0.0 would only be compatible with Magellan v10.0.0 and higher


Environment Variable Required? Description Example
ADMIRAL_URL required The URL of the Admiral2 server i.e http://host-where-admiral-lives:3000/
ADMIRAL_UI_URL required The URL of the Admiral2 UI i.e. http://host-where-admiral-UI-lives.tld
ADMIRAL_PROJECT required An identifier for a project i.e. main-app, blog, product-page, etc
ADMIRAL_PHASE required A lifecycle phase or build type descriptor i.e. pr-verify, master-verify, etc
ADMIRAL_CI_BUILD_URL optional An URL to a CI report for this run http://travis-ci.org/SomeOrg/someproject/builds/189605665
ADMIRAL_RUN_DISPLAY_NAME optional A description of the build that a given run represents i.e PR #26 - add unit tests
ADMIRAL_RUN_ID optional A unique identifier to tie together multiple parallel instances of the reporter into a single report a uuid string, i.e. 462E43EA-002B-4F4B-A711-261B9894E4AA
ADMIRAL_REPORTER_DEBUG optional enable detailed logging for debugging leave undefined or set to 1
ADMIRAL_LOGIN optional login to make auth request to admiral leave undefined or set to your login
ADMIRAL_PASSWORD optional password to make auth request to admiral leave undefined or set to your password


Documentation in this project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Full details available at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0