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This is the acd-html-reporter reporter plugin for TestCafe.

Reporter view


Reporter in .html format, for seeing it, you don't need to start any server. Except reporting to file, test run info duplicates in console.

The report generates in base folder: {project}/test-results/report_{current date} as html + js/css/img files. Also reporter generates json file with test run info, it places in: {report_directory}/report.json.

If you need to run some times a day, save report, because old version with same date will be rewrited. You can change the report saving directory or save report to single file (without css, js and img files).

For extended test run information you can use Logger, implemented in the reporter. Method Logger.warn automatically sets status of a test: 'broken'.

Logger.warn('Something is strange in this test, may be bug, that 2+2=5 isn't truth');
await t.expect(2 + 2).eql(5);

Methods Logger.cleanUp and Logger.preconditions can be used in test hooks (beforeTest, afterTest, etc). It's equivalent of Logger.step, but without step number. Logger.step can be used with some steps as number, e.g. [1, 2, 3, 4], it will be showed in the report as Step 1-4.

Logger.step(1, 'Click the link and do something');
Logger.step([2, 3, 4], 'Doing something else');

Logger.info used for adding some information of test actions.

Logger.step(1, 'Click the link and do something');
await t.click('link');
Logger.info('Check that page opened');
await t.expect...


npm install testcafe-reporter-acd-html-reporter


When you run tests from the command line, specify the reporter name by using the --reporter option:

testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter acd-html-reporter

If you want to have screenshots in report, use -s option:

testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter acd-html-reporter -s takeOnFails=true

If you want to save report to another folder, you can use `--reportPath` argument:

testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter acd-html-reporter --reportPath path/to/my/report

If you want to save report as single file, use `--reportFile` argument. If you don't passed argument value, it saved to base report folder as report.html and report.json:

testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter acd-html-reporter --reportFile

or you can add folder name to report (report will be saved as path/to/html/report.html and path/to/html/report.json):

testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter acd-html-reporter --reportFile path/to/html

or if the path ended with .html, report will be saved to it folder (path/to/my.html and path/to/report.json):

testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter acd-html-reporter --reportFile path/to/my.html


Alex Chernik


https://github.com/chalk/chalk https://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/documentation/extending-testcafe/reporter-plugin/helpers.html