NUnit 3 TestCafe reporter plugin that supports screenshot attachments.

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  import testcafeReporterNunit3 from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/testcafe-reporter-nunit3';




This is the NUnit 3 reporter plugin for TestCafe. It currently implements the subset of attributes that Azure DevOps cares about and has not been tested for other scenarios.

Details of the NUnit format can be found at https://github.com/nunit/docs/wiki/Test-Result-XML-Format.


  • Video and screenshot paths included as test case attachments.
  • Quarantine mode support: passing tests that failed at least once are marked as Inconclusive instead of Passed. The result of each run is specified as text appended to the error message.
  • Fails the test run (via a new failed test case) if the TestCafe process exits without all tests finishing. The provided xunit reporter emits a blank file in these scenarios.

Error details for every failed quarantine run are not currently supported by the TestCafe Reporter API.


npm install testcafe-reporter-nunit3


An example .testcaferc.json entry that creates nunit3 reports along with standard console logging:

"reporter": [
      "name": "nunit3",
      "output": "results/handy-dandy-report.xml"

See the official reporter documentation for more information.