A selenium launcher for Testem

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  import testemSeleniumLauncher from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/testem-selenium-launcher';


Testem Selenium Launcher

This project provides a testem launcher which can connect to an existing selenium hub.

Getting Started

  1. Install the launcher
$ npm install testem-selenium-launcher --save-dev
  1. Add the launcher configuration to your testem config. NOTE: the '' needs to be as is, this is how testem knows where to put the test url.
  "launchers": {
    "Selenium": {
      "exe": "node_modules/.bin/testem-selenium-launcher",
      "args": ["<url>", "INSERT YOUR HUB URL", "INSERT DESIRED BROWSER (chrome|firefox|etc)"],
      "protocol": "browser"
  1. Run the suite
$ testem -l Selenium