A testem reporter for highlighting tests

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import testemTimeReporter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/testem-time-reporter';


Testem Time Reporter

Helpful in diagnosing long running tests. Reporter shows long running tests in colors based on thresholds. It also shows failures and error messages.

  • Fast passing tests are just dots
  • Slow passing tests show time to run, and test name, in color based on thresholds
  • Legend at end out output shows to avoid confusion
  • Longest running test printed at the end
  • Total test time printed at the end


npm install --save-dev testem-time-reporter


Create a testem.js config file that sets reporter to testem-time-reporter:

const TimeReporter = require('testem-time-reporter');

module.exports = {
  framework: 'qunit',
  test_page: 'tests/index.html?hidepassed&coverage',
  disable_watching: true,
  launch_in_ci: [
  reporter: new TimeReporter()

Run tests in an Ember CLI project, reporting only failures:

ember test --config-file ~/work/project/testem.js


  • Red > 2 seconds
  • Magenta > 1 second
  • Yellow > 0.5 seconds
  • Blue is for skipped tests


This currently doesn't work with ember test --module some-module because Ember CLI rewrites the testem.json file to accomplish this, and doesn't support the testem.js file.

See Ember CLI config rewriting and testem.js parsing.