A node js wrapper for the Test Flight API

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import testflight from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/testflight';


Node Test Flight

A simple node module for pushing builds IPA and APK files to TestFlight.

npm install -g testflight


  • Edit testflight.json to include your keys and paths

      $ testflight # This will use testfight.json
  • Pass in command line parameters

    $ testflight -b /path/to/file.ipa -a 'my-api-token' -t 'my-team-token' 
    Usage: testflight [options]
      -h, --help                        output usage information
      -V, --version                     output the version number
      -b  --binary [path]               The path to the IPA or APK binary
      -a  --api-token [token]           The TestFlight api token
      -t  --team-token [token]          The TestFlight team token
      -n  --notes [notes]               Optional notes
      -d  --dsym [path]                 For IPAs, the location of the dysm file
      -l  --distribution-lists [lists]  The distribution lists to be notified
      -n  --notify                      Should notifications be sent to qualified TestFlight users
      -r  --replace                     Should this upload replace existing builds
      -v  --verbose