Utils for wrapping components in providers

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testing-library-providers 🍡

testing-library-providers is utility for @testing-library/react

It allows you to nest provider components with ease

Note: react, react-dom and @testing-library/react are peer dependencies

Install 🔧

yarn add react react-dom

yarn add -D testing-library/react

yarn add -D testing-library-providers


Goal of this library is to compose several providers, and provide props to them straight from the tests

Example Usage with Typescript 🔥

First you should define your own typings for ProviderProps. You can extend current empty interface like this:

types declaration

Then you write provider function:

types declaration

Provider function is a function which recieves typed provider props and returns a function which gets react children

It's up to you then to wrap children with provider (or any other react component) and pass props if needed.

Now you are ready to use this library in a test

types declaration

First you create render function by calling enhanceRender with arguments consisting of provider functions. This function is regular render function from @testing-library/react but it already wraps your component with providers

Note that order matter and providers will be composed from left to right

After that you are ready to render whatever you wish to test. If you want to pass some props, in this case mocked response to ApolloProvider you can do so by passing the mocks as a second parameter to render function. Note that this is also fully typed.