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# jQWidgets Angular Modules


You can view them online here: https://www.jqwidgets.com/angular/.

Enterprise-grade UI Components for Angular. jQWidgets UI components will help you to build perfect looking web applications. Use the most feature-complete UI components for Angular and save your time for the business logic. Choose from more than 40 UI components including Grid, Chart, Gantt, Docking Layout, TreeGrid and more. Our product supports native Angular features

jQWidgets for Angular is a commercial UI library designed and built for developing business applications with Angular. All jQWidgets UI components in our Angular suite are built from the ground-up. The library includes DataGrid, Scheduler, Chart, Pivot Grid, Tree Table and 60 more professional angular modules.

Angular Components

About jQWidgets for Angular

jQWidgets UI for Angular is everything you need to build modern web sites and apps with Angular.

jQWidgets UI components will help you to build perfect looking web applications with Material design.

Material UI and Data Visualization Components for Angular

Material Design and Bootstrap Themes are available in the package. Users can choose from more than 10 themes or create custom themes by using our Theme Builder web application.

Free Trial and Commercial License

jQWidgets UI for Angular is a commercial UI library. We create components and modules for Angular since its first version. You are welcome to evaluate our UI Toolkit and get technical support from our team during your 30-day trial. To use it commercially, you need to purchase a license from https://www.jqwidgets.com/license/. The license also includes the Smart UI Toolkit from https://www.htmlelements.com/angular/.