clear broken tests from your test files at no time

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fix tests / the wicked way :smiling_imp:

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the tests-buster will crawl in your test files, wisely analyze your tests and cut out every broken one. now your code is ready to take down the pipeline. :checkered_flag:


npm i -g tests-buster


In your root project directory, run:

tests-buster bust --dry-run

to see how the tests-buster can help you. When you are ready, run

tests-buster bust

See the options below for customized configuration.

Try an Example

git clone https://github.com/efrat19/tests-buster.git && cd tests-buster/example && npm i

run npm run test. some tests will fail. now run tests-buster bust to clean the file, and again npm run test to observe the change.

Cli Options

  Usage:  tests-buster bust [OPTIONS]
      A cli tool for broken tests cleaning
        -p, --path               The project root directory - where your package.json is. Defaults to current location.
        -P, --pattern            The test files search pattern. Accepts a js regex, defaults to ".spec.jsquot;
        -d, --dry-run            Scan the files without changing them. Run it before the actual slaughter to see how many tests can be busted
        -a  --auto-remove        Automatically remove empty test files
        -v, --version            Print version information and quit.
            --help               Display usage and quit.

Buster Ignore

at any level in your project, you can create .busterignore files, to omit specific paths from the cleanup process.


If no .busterignore file found in the root directory, the buster will create there a default .busterignore file, to exclude node_modules and .git.

Issues & Proposals

can be filed here. i will do my best to meet the needs.

Thanks for using the tests-buster :clap:

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