Command line interface for Tevatron's builder script

Usage no npm install needed!

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Tevatron CLI

Smashes web component HTML imports into a single Javascript file


npm install tevatron-cli


tevatron --src /your_source_directory --target /your_target_path


--src (-s) [directory]

This directory, and its subdirectories, will be scanned for any HTML and JS files. Any HTML files containing <script> tags, or JS files containing /* tevatron comments, will be included in the smash.

--target (-t) [directory/filename]

This is the path to where your smashed file(s) will be written. Without the --concat flag, --target will be treated as a folder. With --concat, it will be treated as a filename and appended a .js extension.


--concat (-c)

With this flag, all smashed scripts will be concatenated into a single file, with the name of --target

--minify (-m)

With this flag, all smashed scripts, or the concatenated script, will be minified with Uglify.js

--verbose (-v)

With this flag, the builder script will output extra information.