A texas holdem server

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import texasHoldemHouse from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/texas-holdem-house';



A texas hold'em game engine for bot players

➜ npm i texas-holdem-house

Start Game

import { startGame, Player, CallPlayer, RandomPlayer } from 'texas-holdem-house'

const builtInPlayers = _.range(0, 7).map(i =>
  i < 4 ? new CallPlayer(`CallPlayer-${i}`) : new RandomPlayer(`RandomPlayer-${i}`),

// write your own bot
class MyPlayer implements Player {
  constructor(public name: string) {}
  // join the game with an event emitter to listen to game event
  join(event: EventEmitter, position: number): void {
    // your code
  // deal two card to you
  deal(cards: [Card, Card]): void {
    // your code
  // your turn to action
  async action(actionList: Action[]): Promise<Action> {
    // your code

startGame([...builtInPlayers, new MyPlayer('MySeasonedPlayer')])

Texas hold'em rules

  • For clockwise direction dealder followed by small blind, big blind
  • deal from small blind
  • first round betting start from the one next to big blind, big blind is the last one to action
  • player can only raise multiple to previous bet


  • 顺时针,dealer 左边依次是小盲,大盲
  • 从小盲开始发牌
  • 从大盲左边一位开始行动,到大盲最后一个 call/raise
  • 每轮 raise 必须是 bet 的整数倍