Some classes to represent elements in a text corpus.

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Some classes to represent elements in a text corpus. Currently, this is mainly something to be used in cetem-publico, tnt-tagger and other modules, but hopefully it will be generic enough to be useful in other contexts as well.


$ npm install text-corpus



Used to represent the tokens (words) in the corpus.

new Token(word, info)

  • word is the word in the original corpus text
  • info (all these are optional)
    • tokenId: an ID for this token
    • lemma: the lemmatized version of word
    • pos: the part-of-speech (POS) tag for word
    • `other*: more information about the token


This class provides a way to group some tokens into multi-word expressions.

MWEs can have attributes indicating the lemma and the POS tag for the whole expression.

new MultiWordExpression({lemma, pos}, tokens)

  • lemma: the lemma for the multi-word expression
  • pos: the POS tag for the multi-word expression
  • tokens: an array of Token objects which make this MWE


Sentences contain a list of tokens (the words in that sentence). Because some words can form multi-word expressions, inside a Sentence we can find both Tokens and MultiWordExpressions (which, in turn, have Token objects inside).

new Sentence(id, tokens)

  • id: an id for the sentence
  • tokens: an array of tokens and MWEs which form this sentence


Paragraphs are composed of a sequence of sentences.

new Paragraph(id, sentences)

  • id: an id for the paragraph
  • sentences: an array of sentences which form this paragraph

Bugs and stuff

Open a GitHub issue or, preferably, send me a pull request.