Trims trailing spaces and tabspaces after each line and trims leading and trailing newlines in a file

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  import textTailor from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/text-tailor';



A command line tool for removing extra whitespaces, tabspaces, and newlines in a text or code file. Given a filepath, this tool deletes trailing whitespaces and tabspaces on every line in the file as well as deletes leading and trailing newlines. The original file is overwritten by the trimmed content. If a directory is specified, files in the immediate directory will be evaluated. If the recursive flag -r is set, files in nested subdirectories will also be evaluated. Multiple files and directories may be evaluated at once.


npm install text-tailor -g

Example Uses

For a single file:

text-tailor path/to/file.txt

For multiple files:

text-tailor path/to/file1.txt path/to/file2.txt ... path/to/fileN.txt

For a single directory, non-recursively:

text-tailor path/to/dir

For a single directory, recursively:

text-tailor path/to/dir -r

For multiple files and directories, recursively:

text-tailor path/to/file1.txt path/to/dir1 ... path/to/fileN.txt path/to/dirN -r