Audit a directory and its subdirectories for warning notes like "todo"

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import textAudit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/text_audit';



Quickly audit a directory tree for text samples, producing a build-appropriate colored table

... what?

Look, it's nice to write code with little comments that remind you to go back and do something later. So you might write something like

function badly_written_function(stuff) {
  // ... do things ...
  // CHECKME FIXME oh god pay someone to get this right when the attacker is gone
  const emergency_wrong_crypto = some_library(stuff, i, dont, understand);  
  // TODO write unit tests
  // TODO go back and make sure this didn't put bad data in the db

... and then embed it in your package.json as a repeatable thing:

  "scripts": {

and then run this command:

npm run audit

and as such receive this bacon:

Wh... why?

Ostensibly this will be the very last step in the build.

It will remind you that there are still six outstanding dumpster fires in the source, so that you can go grep for them.

Let's be honest: this is necessary.

Ok fine but your terms are dumb and I want something else

-t term term...

Fine. -t lets you set terms. They're space separated and case sensitive.

How do I make them case insensitive?

By submitting a PR.

Help, help: it's not finding my stuff

-g <glob>

By default, this tool assumes that your code is within the glob ./src/**/*.js.

This actually faults me a lot because I use typescript. You can provide your own glob on -g according to these rules, but by quick example, I have to write -t ./src/ts/**/*.ts for most of my codebases.

What if I want it to be tool-able

-f <colorRollup|bwRollup|colorList|bwList|json>

This can emit in (currently) color, black and white, or json; color and black and white can either be a single roll-up for all files, or a list per-file, whereas json is both.

For tooling, json is recommended. For display, colorRollup is recommended. For CI/CD, colorList is recommended, unless it's an older runner that can't handle vt codes, at which point bwList is recommended instead.

I don't like seeing zero/empty rows


I find it motivating, to see all-green, but okay. -r will only show rows that have faults.

I want this thing silent when it's all-green


Fair enough. This can be important in CI/CD at times.

Quiet mode, or -q, will emit nothing and return 0 when there are no problems.