a module for exposing a very super simple API for sending/receiving texts as an eventemitter

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  import textable from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/textable';



A class that can send and receive text messages via twilio, that has a clean and simple speak/listen API.

In order to make this work, not only do you need to set up a twilio account, and number, but you also need to use an NGROK tunnel to your temp server, to receive webhook events. This is all explained here: https://www.twilio.com/docs/sms/quickstart/node#sign-up-for-twilio-and-get-a-twilio-phone-number

environment variables

  • TWILIO_SERVER_PORT : Number, the port on which to temporarily run the server
  • TWILIO_SENDER_NUMBER: String, the phone number associated with the twilio account, formatted like +12223334444
  • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID : String, the account sid value taken from twilio
  • TWILIO_TOKEN : String, the secret token given by twilio



constructor(id, name): A Textable is a wrapped version of a bidirectional communication channel between the program, and a person, in which messages of text/strings can be sent and received

id: String, the phone number to reach this person at

name: String, optional, a name of the person being contacted

Instance methods

speak(string): Contact the person represented by the Textable, sending them a message

string: String, the string of text to send the person represented

listen(callback): Handle a message from the person represented by the Textable, received as a simple string

callback(string): Function, give a function which will be called whenever a message from the person is received