A javascript tga loader from browser and node.js

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Browser License: MIT

tga-js is a tga file loader written in JavaScript, working in the browser environment. It provides a simple and really fast solution for loading TGA file format.

Lot of games are using TGA files to store textures. So, since browsers try to bring games in the web it can be a good idea to have a TGA loader (actually a better idea to use another smaller file format).

🔗 Used by :

🚀 Installation

Install with yarn:

$ yarn add tga-js

Or install using npm:

$ npm i tga-js

📖 Usage

Loading a remote tga file.

import TgaLoader from 'tga-js';

const tga = new TgaLoader();'./assets/resource.tga', () => {

Loading a tga from buffer.

import TgaLoader from 'tga-js';

const tga = new TgaLoader();

// Your own function returning a buffer from cache/memory/..
const buffer = getImageBufferFromCache('resource/data');

tga.load(new UInt8Array(buffer));

Get data-uri as output