A simple module to transliterate thaana (latin) to unicode

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Thaana package currently converts latin to unicode. This package is sort of a port of thaana_conversions_php by Jawish in Javascript Currently it only converts the latin used with fonts like A_Faseyha in the olden days.


The following methods will be added (maybe renamed).

  • convertUtf8ToUnicodeIntegers() Convert UTF-8 data to Unicode character integer representations
  • convertUtf8ToAscii() Convert UTF-8 data to Ascii
  • convertUtf8ToEntities() Convert UTF-8 data to HTML entities
  • convertEntitiesToUnicodeIntegers() Convert HTML Unicode entitied string to Unicode Integer characters array
  • convertEntitiesToUtf8 Convert HTML Unicode entities to UTF-8
  • convertEntitiesToAscii() Convert HTML Unicode entities to Dhivehi Ascii equivalents
  • convertUnicodeIntegersToUtf8() Convert Unicode Integer array to UTF
  • convertUnicodeIntegersToEntities() Convert Unicode char integers to HTML entities
  • convertUnicodeIntegersToAscii() Convert Unicode char integers to Ascii
  • convertAsciiToUtf8() Convert Ascii Thaana to UTf-8
  • convertAsciiToEntities() Convert Ascii Thaana to Unicode HTML entities
  • convertAsciiToUnicodeIntegers() Convert Ascii Thaana to an array of Unicode integers
  • convertLatinToAscii() Converts Dhivehi written in Latin to Thaana in . Use with the convertAsciiTo* functions to convert to Thaana script formats.
  • convertAsciiToLatin() Converts Dhivehi written in Ascii representation to Latinized Dhivehi.


// Load the class
const Thaana = require('./index')

// Create an instance
thaana = new Thaana();

// Example: Converting latin to equivalent unicode