Easy to use, modern SQLite 3 Wrapper for Node.js.

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TheDatabase is a modern SQLite3 wrapper for Node.js designed for people who want to get work done! Designed to be fast and reliable you can get work done easily.

What does TheDatabase offer?

TheDatabase offers:

  • Easy setup
  • Simple to use methods and schematypes
  • Creating your own Schemas instead of storing everything as json with key value.
  • Easy syntax to learn
  • Fast and reliable

    Now lets use TDB!

Coming soon

  1. Promisified functions.
  2. Memory databases.
  3. Storing objects.
  4. Inserting, Updating, Deleting multiple documents at once.

API Docs

You can locate api documentation here


Simple database setup

const { Database, SchemaTypes } = require('thedatabase');
const db = new Database({
    databaseName: 'users',
    schema: {
        id: SchemaTypes.INTEGER,
        username: SchemaTypes.TEXT
// Insert document
    id: 1, 
    username: "dicedtomato" 
// Update document
    id: 1
}, {
    username: "tomato"
// Delete document
    id: 1
// Find user id 1
    id: 1
// Get all documents

thedatabase © 2019+, thedatabasejs. Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by dicedtomato.

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