NodeJS library to speak with TheHive API

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TheHive4node is a node API client for TheHive.

Caution - WIP

TheHive4node is considered work in progress.

How to install

On macOS and Linux, type:

yarn add thehive4node

How tu use

const { TheHive4node, Alert } = require('thehive4node');

const thehive = new TheHive4node(

(async () => {
  const alert = new Alert({
    title: 'My first alert',
    description: 'If not specified source is generated from "process.argv" and sourceRef is the hash of source concatenated with timestamp.',
    type: 'test',
  const alertRes = await thehive.createAlert(alert.raw);



TheHive4node constructor accept apikey or login/password.

constructor(url, principal, password = null, options)

options is directly passed to create axios instance.

Alert constructor take an alert object.


If not specified it will populate source and sourceRef required parameters.


Following TheHive API documentation, TheHive4node methods are straightforward.

grep -R function src/ |cut -d'=' -f 2 | grep -v setAlert | sort |cut -d' ' -f3-

function createAlert(alert) {
function createCase(case_) {
function createLog(taskId, log) {
function createObservable(caseId, observable) {
function createTask(caseId, task) {
function deleteAlert(id) {
function deleteCase(id) {
function deleteLog(id) {
function deleteObservable(id) {
function deleteTask(id) {
function findAlerts(attributes) {
function findCases(attributes) {
function findLogs(attributes) {
function findLogsInTask(taskId, attributes) {
function findObservables(attributes) {
function findTasks(attributes) {
function findTasksInCase(caseId, attributes) {
function followAlert(id) {
function getAlert(id) {
function getCase(id) {
function getLinkedCases(id) {
function getLog(id) {
function getObservable(id) {
function getSimilarObservables(id) {
function getTask(id) {
function listAlerts() {
function listCases() {
function listLogsInTask(taskId) {
function markAlertAsRead(id) {
function markAlertAsUnread(id) {
function mergeAlertInCase(alertId, caseId) {
function mergeAlertInCase(caseIdFrom, caseIdTo) {
function mergeAlertInObservable(caseIdFrom, caseIdTo) {
function promoteAlertToCase(id, caseTemplate) {
function unfollowAlert(id) {
function updateAlert(id, alert) {
function updateCase(id, case_) {
function updateLog(id, log) {
function updateObservable(id, observable) {
function updateTask(id, task) {