OData v4 Parser

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OData v4 Parser

OData v4 parser based on OASIS Standard OData v4 ABNF grammar

How to build

Simply just use $ npm run build

Run TDD tests using $ npm run tdd

How to use

Parser functions:

var parser = require('odata-v4-parser');
parser.filter("Title eq 'Article1'");

Low-level functional:

require('odata-v4-parser/lib/expressions').boolCommonExpr(new Uint8Array(new Buffer("contains(@word,Title)")), 0);
require('odata-v4-parser/lib/json').arrayOrObject(new Uint8Array(new Buffer('{"a":1}')), 0);
require('odata-v4-parser/lib/expressions').commonExpr(new Uint8Array(new Buffer('Items/all(d:d/Quantity gt 100)')), 0);


  • more unit testing
  • use metadata for correct OData identifier type detection (complex types, navigation properties, etc.)