A tiny, standalone, Typescript node module generator

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import tinit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/tinit';



tinit is a tiny Typescript standalone npm module factory designed for use with npx. Consider it an alternative to npm init.

With this tool, you can generate the minimum boilerplate for small Typescript modules, ready to emit Javascript compatible with npm.


  • A globally installed Typescript compiler
  • NodeJS 10+ with NPM

Running with NPX (Recommended)

Go to your desired project folder's parent directory and type:

npx tinit [modulename]

When you run the wizard, you'll be asked a few questions, like with npm or yarn, including project name, description, author and license.

Once complete, you'll have a folder with:

  • index.js - the module entry point, set to import from ./lib/
  • package.json - the generated package file
  • test.js - a simple script for writing your tests in
  • tsconfig.json - a build config set to emit javascript and
  • src/index.ts - your module's entry point, write your module here

Project Commands

Once you're set up, you can use the following commands to compile and run your project.

  • tsc -b - Compiles your module through tsc into npm-ready javascript and type definitions
  • tsc -w - Compiles your module and watches for changes
  • npm test - Runs the inbuilt test module
  • npm start - Runs your module, once it's built


Sometimes you may find yourself writing a small tool for node applications, in Typescript, that isn't large enough to justify the need for a build system and test framework. This is for then.

  • tinit should run without install
  • tinit should generate the minimum output for a tsc build
  • tinit should be ran only once per module, left behind forever
  • tinit should not cause dependencies or be a dependency
  • tinit should provide testing by example