ETA app for public transport of Milan city

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TramMI is a web app to estimate the time of arrival of tram and bus, the public transport of Milan city.

The official apps display only the latest estimated time of arrival.

After you selected the number line and the stop, it is displayed immediately the waiting time of the next arrival. Then, every minute, the estimated time of arrivals of the next vehicles are displayed.

Stack software


Browser Support and Testing

  • IE 7+
  • Latest Stable: Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • iOS 6.x
  • Android 4.x



Open data to build tram stops database:

API example

var trammi = require("trammi");

// stop code 12254, line 1
trammi.getStopInfo(12254, 1, function (err, info) {

// line 1, stop number 39
trammi.getWaitingTime("1a", 39, function (err, timetable) {
    var i, n;

    n = timetable.length;
    for (i = 0; i < n; i += 1) {
        console.log("Vehicle", i + 1, "Waiting =", timetable[i]);



To install with npm:

npm install trammi

Tested with node 0.10.x.


At the moment only tram lines are implemented.

In support folder, there is the script to recreate the database files, generated in lib folder as 'trammiDB...' files.



  • Total time for a path.

Business ideas

  • Box office on Demand.

Weather info

API Backend

getStops(query, cb)

It finds a list of stops if the words, separated by space(s), contained in the query, match the field 'acdescr' of the stop.


  • query the chars typed in the autocomplete

Callback response

  • stops array of stops matching the query.

getStopInfo(stop, stopLine, cb)

It retrieves the info of the stop.


  • stop code of the stop.

  • stopLine number of the line.

Callback response

  • stopInfo array.

    • line number of the line.

    • eta estimated time of arrival (string).

getStopsList(lineName, callback)

It retrieves all the stops of a line. On server side there is a cache with a 60 secs. expiring time.


  • lineName name of the line.

Callback response

  • stopInfo array

    • descr description of the top.

    • eta estimated time of arrival (number).

getWaitingTime(lineName, stopNumber, cb)

It retrieves the arrivals of all the vehicles until a stop.


  • lineName name of the line.

  • stopNumber index of the stop related to the line.

Callback response

  • timetable array containing the estimated time of arrivals in minutes.

startServer(port, publicDir, appInst, expressInst)

It starts a server providing a frontend for the module.

The method adds the following routes to the express instance:

  • /trammi/getStops

  • /trammi/getStopInfo

  • /trammi/getTimetable


  • port port of the server.

  • publicDir directory of public folder containing the frontend.

  • appInst an instance of the express.HTTPServer, created with createServer().

  • expressInst an instance of the express module.