Node.js scraper module for Open Graph and Twitter Card info, based on https://github.com/jshemas/openGraphScraper

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  import tsOpenGraphScraper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ts-open-graph-scraper';



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A simple typescript-based node module for scraping Open Graph and Twitter Card info off a site.


npm install ts-open-graph-scraper


The major departure from @jshemas's openGraphScraper is this is entirely Typescript-based and implements only a promise interface. Additionally, it uses request-promise-native internally, so overloading it with Bluebird, etc., requires hoisting.

The OGOptions parameter extends Request's URL-based options, with the exclusion of json and callback options. Any other parameter is forwarded on. (eg, if you want to override headers, user-agent, etc., you can do it through these options where possible in request)

Additional properties are mostly similar to what's found in @jshemas's openGraphScraper

import ogs from 'ts-open-graph-scraper'

async function main() {
  const ogResults = await ogs('https://opg.me')
  // OR
  const ogResults = await ogs({
    url: 'https://opg.me'


  • Build this README out more
  • Expand coverage
  • Add more one-off expansions, like YouTube and Instagram


I'll do my best to keep this maintained. In general:

  • Fork this project
  • Typescript everything
  • Coding convention is enforced by tslint.json
  • Try not to bring new packages in, unless there's a damned good reason
  • File an issue that provides reproduction steps or reasoning for the enhancement
  • Issue a pull request and reference the issue in standard syntax for easy cross referencing
  • Test coverage must not decline