A TypeScript RPC Framework, with runtime type checking and built-in serialization, support both HTTP and WebSocket.

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  import tsrpc from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/tsrpc';



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A TypeScript RPC framework with runtime type checking and binary serialization.

Official site: https://tsrpc.cn (English version is on the way)


  • Runtime type checking
  • Binary serialization
  • Pure TypeScript, without any decorater or other language
  • HTTP / WebSocket / and more protocols...
  • Optional backward-compatibility to JSON
  • High performance and reliable, verified by services over 100,000,000 users

Create Full-stack Project

npx create-tsrpc-app@latest


Define Protocol (Shared)

export interface ReqHello {
  name: string;

export interface ResHello {
  reply: string;

Implement API (Server)

import { ApiCall } from "tsrpc";

export async function ApiHello(call: ApiCall<ReqHello, ResHello>) {
    reply: 'Hello, ' + call.req.name

Call API (Client)

let ret = await client.callApi('Hello', {
    name: 'World'



Serialization Algorithm

The best TypeScript serialization algorithm ever. Without any 3rd-party IDL language (like protobuf), it is fully based on TypeScript source file. Define the protocols directly by your code.

This is powered by TSBuffer, which is going to be open-source.

TypeScript has the best type system, with some unique advanced features like union type, intersection type, mapped type, etc.

TSBuffer may be the only serialization algorithm that support them all.

API Reference

See API Reference.