Simple tool to download anime from

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Simple anime downloader


Install it via npm as a global module

npm i twist-dl -g


Interactive CLI

$ twist-dl

Just type twist-dl to your terminal/cmd.

This will launch a simple interface that can be easily controlled via arrow keys, space and enter.

Anime list and sources are directly fetched from It will download into your currently working directory under the same filename as it is on their servers.

With arguments

You can also download anime via CLI if that's what you prefer. Down below you can see the help message.

$ twist-dl -h
Usage: twist-dl -a <anime name> -e <episode> [-o <output>]


  -a, --anime       Name of the anime, can be partial
  -e, --episode     Which episode to download (1 = episode 1)
  -o, --output      Folder in which it'll be downloaded in, use - to output to stdout
  -h, --help        Displays this message
  -s, --silent      Suppress any (except of donation message) output
  -E, --english     Search anime names using English titles
  -f, --force       Always download, never restore broken downloads
  -l, --list        Instead of downloading, pipe out a list of selected episodes


$ twist-dl -a "yuyushiki" -e latest           # Download latest episode of Yuyushiki
$ twist-dl -a "yuyushiki" -e 12               # Download 12th episode
$ twist-dl -a "yuyushiki" -e 12 -o -          # Pipe the 12th episode into stdout (transcoding purposes etc.)
$ twist-dl -a "yuyushiki" -e 1-12             # Download everything from episode 1 to 12
$ twist-dl -a "yuyushiki" -e 12 -o "./yyshk"  # Download 12th episode into "yyshk" folder
$ twist-dl -a "yuyushiki" -e 1,3              # Download only the 1st and 3rd episode
$ twist-dl -a "yuyushiki" -e 1,5-8            # Download 1st episode and episodes 5 to 8
$ twist-dl   # Download 12th episode


twist-dl nor vignedev are not affiliated with

This program is made for personal-use only. If you like the program, please donate to the Twist.Moe admins so they can keep the servers up and running.