Type Inspector

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  import typeInspect from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/type-inspect';



The TypeInspect module returns information about the data type of a Javascript object. It inspects any supported datatype and returns an object with the type, which is a typeof call, kind the real data type and the value.

import TypeInspect from 'type-inspect'

const inspected = TypeInspect.inspect('foo')

// inspected === {
//   type: 'string',
//   kind: 'string',
//   value: 'foo'
// }

const inspected = TypeInspect.inspect({ bla: 'blubb' })

// inspected === {
//   type: 'object',
//   kind: 'object',
//   value: {
//      bla: {
//        type: 'string',
//        kind: 'string'
//        value: 'blubb'
//      }
//   }
// }

const inspected = TypeInspect.inspect(['one', 2])

// inspected === {
//   type: 'object',
//   kind: 'array',
//   value: [
//     { type: 'string', kind: 'string', value: 'one' },
//     { type: 'number', kind: 'number', value: 2 }
//   ]
// }
Supported datatypes:
Input Type Kind Description
undefined undefined undefined Javascripts undefined property
null object null Javascripts null object
number number number Number object
NaN number nan NaN object
string string string String object
boolean boolean boolean Boolean object
object object object Object object
regexp object regexp Reguler expression object
array object array Array Object
date object date Date object
map object map Map object
set object set Set object
promise object promise Promise object
function function function Function Object
generator function generator Generator function object
async function async Async function object
class function class Class object


diff(any left, any right)

The diff method goes recursive through two input values and calculates the difference. It returns an instance of TypeDiff

const left = {
  bla: 'Bla',
  blub: 'Blubb',
  blob: undefined

const right = {
  bla: 'Bla',
  blub: 'Blobb',
  blab: null

const diff = TypeInspect.diff(left, right)

TypeDiff object


** obj diffResult**

Holds the diff result.

  type: 'object',
  kind: 'object',
  values: [{
    type: 'string',
    kind: 'string',
    value: 'Bla',
    key: 'bla'
  }, {
    type: 'string',
    kind: 'string',
    valueAdded: 'Blubb',
    valueRemoved: 'Blobb',
    key: 'blub'
  }, {
    type: 'undefined',
    typeAdded: 'undefined',
    kind: 'undefined',
    kindAdded: 'undefined',
    value: undefined,
    key: 'blob',
    keyAdded: 'blob'
  }, {
    type: 'object',
    typeRemoved: 'object',
    kind: 'null',
    kindRemoved: 'null',
    valueAdded: undefined,
    valueRemoved: null,
    key: 'blab',
    keyRemoved: 'blab'


diff(any left, any right)

Compares two datatypes and returns a TypeDiff instance.

print([bool printColors])

Print diff result.

parse([bool printColors])

Parse a diff result and returns value as string.