Strict snake case naming strategies for typeorm postgres

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  import typeormPostgresNamingStrategies from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/typeorm-postgres-naming-strategies';


Typeorm naming strategies

This package provides a few (one, at the moment) useful custom naming strategies. It alterates the name of columns, relations and other fields in database.

For example, using the snake strategy, if you have a model like this:

class User {

In the DB the createdAt field will be created_at

Naming strategies available

  • Snake


It's available as an npm package

npm install typeorm-postgres-naming-strategies --save

Or using yarn

yarn add typeorm-postgres-naming-strategies


import { createConnection } from 'typeorm';
import { PostgresNamingStrategy } from 'typeorm-postgres-naming-strategies';

await createConnection({
  namingStrategy: new PostgresNamingStrategy(), // Here you'r using the strategy!

Alternatively you can use it in combination with a ormconfig.js

// Use require instead of import
const PostgresNamingStrategy = require("typeorm-postgres-naming-strategies").PostgresNamingStrategy

module.exports = {
  namingStrategy: new PostgresNamingStrategy(),