util.inspect replacement based on Unexpected's output and type system

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  import uninspected from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/uninspected';



Replacement for util.inspect and the console object.

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var uninspected = require('uninspected');

var str = uninspected.inspect({ foo: 'bar' }); // "{ foo: 'bar' }"

uninspected.log('foo', { bar: /hey/ }); // { bar: /hey/ }

// Or use this shorthand:
uninspected('foo', { bar: /hey/ }); // { bar: /hey/ }

The library also includes diffing support (powered by Unexpected's diffing engine):

uninspected.diff({ foo: 'bar' }, { foo: 'baz' });
  foo: 'bar'; // should be 'baz'
  // -bar
  // +baz

You can also use it instead of the console object:

var console = require('uninspected');



In the Chrome console this will produce colored output using this API.

The uninspected npm package includes a bookmarklet for doing the above, ie. replacing the console object with uninspected, see bookmarklet.html at the root of the package. Unfortunately github doesn't permit putting it directly into this README.


See the changelog.