JavaScript Date class in UTC mode

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  import utcDateClass from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/utc-date-class';


UTC Date

JavaScript Date class in UTC mode.

*** This library is not for everybody! ***

What is it?

This package consists of two parts:

  • A UtcDate class, which works in UTC mode, like moment.utc(...). Ambiguous input is assumed to be UTC. Unambiguous input is adjusted to UTC. It has the same interface as the built-in JavaScript global Date class.

  • A short script, which optionally replace the built-in JavaScript global Date class, so you (and any other libraries/frameworks) can use the Date class and it will work in UTC mode.


Do you know DST (Daylight Saving Time)? Because of this certain times don't exist in different time zones. Thus if you have to parse and display UTC dates, you have to use special libraries, like moment.utc() or you will face some bugs.

However using external libraries may not be an option, if your application is built on different frameworks and components (eg. Scheduling or Gantt components) which are internally using the native JavaScript Date object. Here you can use this package, which will replace the original Date object with this UtcDate one.


npm install --save utc-date-class

How to use?

If you want to just replace the built-in Date object and "switch" your application in UTC mode, then include this line at the top of your application, before any other import scripts:

import 'utc-date-class/enable';

If you want to use the UtcDate class on your own without overriding the built-in Date, you can import this class itself:

import UtcDate from 'utc-date-class';


  • new UtcDate() without any parameters creates a new Date object with the current local time in UTC.
  • UtcDate.OriginalDate refers to the original Date object.
  • Certain localized methods are not implemented (toLocaleDateString(), toLocaleFormat(), toLocaleString() and toLocaleTimeString()).