A toy WebGL engine

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import utea from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/utea';



A toy WebGL 3D Engine (with basic 2D support)

:warning: Under heavy construction :construction_worker: :construction:

Messing around

The examples are currently available at http://cirocosta.github.io/utea/example/. Go check them out!

If you wish to run the project locally:

$ npm install

# start webpack's dev-server
$ npm run start

# now you're ready :D
# go to http://localhost:8080/example/  or http://localhost:8080/webpack-dev-server/

# OR, build the project's examples and start your own
$ npm run build
$ python -m "SimpleHTTPServer"

# server started, now just
# go to http://localhost:8000/example/

If you don't know what npm is all about, check the next session.

Beginners Guide to Install

This project depends on NodeJS for transpilling the code without the need of a browser to run the Javascript transpiller. NPM is the package manager that allows us to distribute only the project's source code without the need of packing all the dependencies together. The development and general dependencies are explicited in ./package.json.

After you've installed NodeJS and NPM then you're able to clone the repo (git clone git@github.com:cirocosta/utea.git) and run that code above. After npm install is executed all of the dependencies will be downloaded. npm run start will run the script to set a webserver and let you dig into the generated code locally at http://locahost:PORT/.

IMPORTANT: npm run start and npm run build will fail in Windows as it exports NODE_ENV variable to set the proper build through export command (which i don't believe is available in windows - not a windows user here).