Get utf8 byte length of string

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  import utf8ByteLength from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/utf8-byte-length';


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Get the utf8 byte length of a string, taking into account multi-byte characters and surrogate pairs.

By default, this module defers to Buffer.byteLength. A browser implementation is also provided that doesn't use Buffer.byteLength minimize build size.


var getLength = require("utf8-byte-length")
console.log(truncate("a☃", 2)) // a = 1 byte, ☃ = 3 bytes
// -> 4


var getLength = require("utf8-byte-length")

When using browserify or webpack, this automatically resolves to an implementation that does not use Buffer.byteLength.


Returns the byte length of string. Throws an error if string is not a string.