String manipulation utilites

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Utilio String Utils

Set of utilities to easily analyse and normalize strings.

It is divided into two modules:

  1. Analysers - can be used to analyse strings
  2. Converters - can be used to normalize strings

Getting Started


npm install utilio-string



Currently contains the following functionalities:

  1. Calculate distance between two strings (similarity) - two algorithms available
    1. Levenshtein
    2. Dice Coefficient
  2. Find differences between two strings
  3. Find duplicated values in string:
    1. Characters
    2. Words
    3. Sentences


Currently contains the following functionalities:

  1. Remove empty lines - remove blank lines from a string
  2. Multi line to single line string
  3. Normalize - Normalize string by removing accents and special characters (ç, ã, ...)
  4. Remove all spaces from string
  5. Remove all duplicated spaces from string


  • José Miguel Melo