Universal Test Output consumer and summarizer

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  import utoNode from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/uto-node';


Univeral Test Output

Universal Test Output (UTO) is an alternative to Test Anything Protocol. The primary motivation is a cleaner syntax that retains readability. More information and the specification is available on Github.


$ npm install --save-dev uto-node

Usage (CLI)

Pipe UTO output to ./node_modules/.bin/uto. See ./node_modules/.bin/uto --help for more information.

Usage (API)

The core library is available as a Node module.

const uto = require('uto-node');

const stream = uto(process.stdin); // Can also pass a multiline string

stream.on('pragma', function (payload) {});

stream.on('comment', function (payload) {});

stream.on('pass', function (payload) {});
stream.on('skip', function (payload) {});
stream.on('fail', function (payload) {});

stream.on('open', function (payload) {});
stream.on('close', function (payload) {});

stream.on('error', function (payload) {});

stream.on('end', function (payload) {});