Micro access token middleware

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  import utoken from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/utoken';


ยต-token (utoken)

A access token validation middleware for micro.


  const accessTokenMiddleWare = require('utoken')
  const app = require('my-micro-app')


This will create a middleware that will read access tokens from the request's access_token query parameter. By default, all tokens will be rejected, so we will need to specify a function that tests for valid access tokens:

  micro(accessTokenMiddleWare(app, {
    tokenValidatorFn: token => token == '12345'

This will allow the single access token 12345. For real world use, you might want to look up the token in a database or something like that.


There are a couple of options that can be passed to customize the middleware's functionality:


This function specifies how the access token is extracted from a request; it is a function that will be passed the HTTP request and should return the token (or undefined if not present).

By default, this function will extract the query parameter access_token from the request's URL.


This function validates an access token and returns true if it is a valid token and false otherwise.

The default is a function that always returns false (rejects all tokens).


Called when access token validation fails: returns a HTTP 401 by default with the error message "Missing or invalid access token".