Vue.js tab components, based on Vue Router

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感谢作者 碧海幽虹 因为涉及到有些内容需要修改,需要上传至npm,因此改名为 utry-router-tab

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Vue Router Tab

A tab router component based on Vue Router.

📌 Features

✅ Open or switch to tabs responding to route change

✅ Tabs mouse wheel scrolling

✅ Tabs drag sort

Tab Operations: open, switch, close, refresh, reset

Iframe tab: for external website

✅ Customized:transition, slot, contextmenu


Cache control: tab rules, cacheable, maximum keep alive, reusable

Dynamic Tab Info: title, icon, tooltip

Initial Tabs: initially opened tabs when entering page

Restore Tabs: reopen tabs after browser refresh

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🔗 Links

🛠 Installation

📝 Documentation (Gitee)

📺 Online Demo (Gitee)

👨‍💻 Sample Project

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