Generating uuid-hash from string

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  import uuidByString from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/uuid-by-string';


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Generates the RFC-4122 Name-Based UUID. Supports 3 and 5 versions of UUID.


# via NPM
npm install uuid-by-string

# or Yarn
yarn add uuid-by-string


The package has only one default exported method. Method receives any string and returns generated hash

const getUuid = require('uuid-by-string')

const uuidHash = getUuid('Hello world!')
// d3486ae9-136e-5856-bc42-212385ea7970

The string Hello world! will always returns d3486ae9-136e-5856-bc42-212385ea7970.

You can specify the UUID version. Available versions is 3 and 5 according to RFC-4122. The version is responsible for the hashing algorithm: version 3 uses MD5, and version 5 uses SHA-1. SHA-1 used by default if version is not specified.

const uuidV3Hash = getUuid('Hello world!', 3)
// 86fb269d-190d-3c85-b6e0-468ceca42a20

const uuidV5Hash = getUuid('Hello world!', 5)
// d3486ae9-136e-5856-bc42-212385ea7970


MIT licensed