database manager module for uwheel tools

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  import uwDb from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/uw-db';



Uninventing the wheel of database


uw-db wraps database creation for popular database engines and delegates the interaction to those engines.

Database Engines supported and dependencies

  • SQL Server -> uw-db-sqlserver
  • PostgreSql -> uw-db-postgressql
  • SQLite -> uw-db-sqlite
  • Oracle -> uw-db-oracle


npm install uw-db --save


The config.json sets the necessary data for each engine:

database {
  ip: localhost, // unused on sqlite
  user: 'root', // unused on sqlite
  password: 'root', // unused on sqlite
  dbname: 'my_db', // a path on sqlite, or ':memory:'
  type: 'pg' // pg (default) | sqlserver | sqlite | oracle

This file is located on .../config/uw by definition

uw-db does not strictly downloads the module for the supported engines, developers must add those thar are going to be used