uxcore-time-picker component for uxcore.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import uxcoreTimePicker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/uxcore-time-picker';



React time picker using rc-time-picker

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git clone https://github.com/uxcore/uxcore-time-picker
cd uxcore-time-picker
npm install
npm run server

if you'd like to save your install time,you can use uxcore-tools globally.

npm install uxcore-tools -g
git clone https://github.com/uxcore/uxcore-time-picker
cd uxcore-time-picker
npm install
npm run dep
npm run start

Test Case

npm run test


npm run coverage




Yes please! See the CONTRIBUTING for details.



Name Type Required Default Comments
clearText String No 'clear' 清除按钮的文字提示
disabled Boolean No false 是否禁用
allowEmpty Boolean No true 允许清空
open Boolean No false 当前下拉展开的状态,受控属性
defaultValue moment No null 默认初始值,非受控属性
defaultOpenValue moment No moment() 默认面板值,用于没有设置 value/defaultValue 时,设置时区、语言
value moment No null 当前值
placeholder String No '' 输入框占位符
className String No '' 触发区域的 className
id String No '' 触发区域的 id
popupClassName String No '' 面板的 className
showHour Boolean No true 是否显示小时
showMinute Boolean No true 是否显示分钟
showSecond Boolean No true 是否显示秒
format String No - moment format
disabledHours Function No - 禁用小时回调
disabledMinutes Function No - 禁用分钟回调
disabledSeconds Function No - 禁用秒回调
use12Hours Boolean No false 12 小时显示模式
hideDisabledOptions Boolean No false 是否隐藏被禁用的选项
onChange Function No null 选择不同的值触发
addon Function No - 面板的渲染回调,用于在面板底部渲染一些其他元素,例如确认按钮,接受 panel 实例作为参数,可以使用 panel.close() 来关闭 panel
placement String No bottomLeft one of ['left','right','top','bottom', 'topLeft', 'topRight', 'bottomLeft', 'bottomRight']
transitionName String No ''
name String No - 设置输入框的 name 属性
onOpen Function({ open }) No 在面板展开时调用
onClose Function({ open }) No 在面板收起时调用
hourStep Number No 1 小时选项间隔
minuteStep Number No 1 分钟选项间隔
secondStep Number No 1 秒选项间隔
focusOnOpen Boolean No false 面板展开时自动聚焦到输入框
inputReadOnly Boolean No false 输入框只读