library of user interaction modules, under construction

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  import uxer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/uxer';



a user interaction library

This "module" contains many elements which might be used in the construction of user interface modules. I am using this is a catchall library while I build user interaction modules for touch and click, like uxer-flat-dial.

At the core, these modules use (touchdown)[https://github.com/NHQ/touchdown], which handles cross device eventing. You may just want to use that your own way.

There is a spin module, which will emit a spin event when cast on a module.

There is a 'bpm' module, for getting beats per minute events on an element (tap tap tap tap);

There is an intervals module for getting interval events, with start and end times for each tap.

There is a Switch module for getting on and off events.

There are some helpers in there as well:

getCSS : get primitive css values
center : center an element inside its parent
uuid : the uuid module
findPosition : get the absolute position of an element

All of the above are served up in an object if you require this whole module. Or do as is done in the example below.

npm install uxer
var spin = require('uxer/spin');
var el = document.getElementById('dial');


el.addEventListener('spin', funcTheSpin);

function funkTheSpin(evt){
  var data = evt.detail

See uxer-flat-dial.