Import Bootstrap css framework

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import vScaff from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/v-scaff';


The last laravel project scaffolding you will ever need

  1. Import Bootstrap css framework
@import '~v-scaff/scss/style.default';
  1. Import Vue Plugin
import vScaff from 'v-scaff';
Vue.use(vScaff, {
    hasBootstrapVue: true,
    hasVueMultiselect: true,
    hasVFG: true,
    hasVueAutoRegister: true,
    hasMoment: true,
    hasVMoney: true,
    hasAOS: true,
    hasVueButtonSpinner: true,
    hasDirectives: true,
    hasVueGoogleMap: true,
    vueGoogleMapKey: 'your-key'
  1. Available directives

v-post="your-route" : post request made easy

<a v-post="'{{ route('logout') }}'">Logout</a>

v-submission="['vfg-ref']" : trigger validate method on vfg form and add loading state on button for 1s

<button v-submission="['profileForm', 'avatarForm']" type="submit">Submit</button>