A lib to control status of promises in Vue components

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v-status - Manage the loading of promises in Vuejs

A lib to control status of promises in Vuejs components


  • Simple to use.
  • Allows you to listen to one or more promises.
  • Controls the status of more than one asynchronous resource in the same component.
  • Performable and consumes no memory if never called on the component.
  • Easy implementation to watch state changes.


Add v-status in your project using npm:

npm install v-status

or using yarn:

yarn add v-status




import Vue from 'vue'
import VStatus from 'v-status'


Local as Mixin

import { VStatus } from 'v-status'

// your component
export default {
  mixins: [VStatus()],
. . .

Using in your Components


  <!-- Loading State -->
  <div v-if="$status.myFeature.isLoading">Loading</div>

  <!-- Success State -->

  <!-- Error State -->
    Oh no! An error has occurred.
    <div>Message: {{ $status.myFeature.error.message }}</div>


export default {
  created() {
    this.$status.myFeature = async () => {
      . . . // some async logic

Reactive Properties

When using 'this.$status.myFeature', an object with the following properties will be automatically generated:

Property Type Default Description
isSuccess bool false It is true when promise received has been resolved.
isError bool false It is true when promise received has not been resolved.
isLoading bool false It is true when promise received is waiting for some result.
error.message string undefined Catch error message when promise has not been resolved.
erros array array Returns a list of errors when one or more promises received has not been resolved.
clear function function Resets the state to the default when called.

Passing Promises

When dispatch a promise, set it where you want to use:

this.$status.anotherFeature = this.$axios.get('/users') // async call example 

The setter accepts the following types: | Accepted Types | Description | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Promise | Accept a Promise as value. | | function: Promise | Call the function automatically and receive a promise to return. No arguments is provided. | | array[Promise] | It runs automatically in Promise.all. Awaits all promises to return result. |

Returns the same Promise provided.

Advanced Configuration

You can customize the default name "$status" to whatever you want:

. . .
Vue.use(Vstatus, { name: 'customName' }) // global
. . .
// or (local in component)
export default {
  mixins: [VStatus({ name: 'customName' }],
. . .
// using example
. . .