vaadin-react ==============

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Vaadin-React is a tool to create serverside Vaadin components which enable the usage of React components.

The project is still recent and any suggestion will be considered.


1 - Install the tool using npm install -g vaadin-react

2 - Configure your project with a .react-vaadin.config config file. This is a json file with two fields:

  • components : an array of file or dir paths to process your components
  • package : The package to use when generating the java files

3 - Run vaadin-react in your project to generate the resources. This tool expects a project which is a mix of maven and npm. Please check the samples.


Please open any issue that you find. You can also make suggestions to improve the current behaviour.

Known Limitations

  • This project uses react-docgen to parse the components. It can only be used in components compatible with that project.
  • Server-side functions cannot return values to the components since that would imply blocking the browser until the answer was received.