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This repository contains a collection of tiny script for use with node.js that help work with terminal freely.

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$ npm i vaki -g


  1. todo-list
  2. stock
  3. tool
  4. read



Todo-list is a simple app that notes what your have done or not done today, it's just help you to manage your time and focus on meaningful things.

# list out all the todo-items
$ vaki todo --list

# add a todo-item into list
$ vaki todo --add {item-name}

# complete a todo-item
$ vaki todo --complete {index}

# delete a todo-item
$ vaki todo --delete {index}

# filter todo-list

# 1. filter all the item you had done today
$ vaki todo --filter 1

# 2. filter all the item you did not complete yet today
$ vaki todo -filter

For convenience, t is alias for todo, you can just use vaki t instead of vaki todo.


Tool module is integrated with some useful third part tools:

  1. opener

# open a link or links in the terminal
$ vaki tool --open {urls}

Also you can use o instead of tool.


Reading some thing interesting in the terminal:

  1. microBlog
  2. segementFault

# --weibo
# read microBlog news
$ vaki read -w

# --segementFault
# read segementFault
$ vaki read -s

You can still use r instead of read.


fetch stock info:

# --add
# add stock code
$ vaki stock -a

# --show
# show stock info in the terminal
# if add -sw, can always fetch info
$ vaki stock -s

# --message
# if you have put dingtalk token into, refer to command of dingtalk
# this will call dingtalk api and then send code message to your dingtalk group by robot
$ vaki stock -m

You can still use s instead of stock.


this is a dingtalk token manager, you can add dingtalk token here thus you can send stock info to your dingtalk group by robot, refer to command of stock --message

# --add
# add dingtalk token into list
$ vaki dingtalk -a

# --show
# show  dingtalk token list
$ vaki dingtalk -s

# --remove
# remove dingtalk token in the list
$ vaki dingtalk -r

You can still use d instead of dingtalk.