Node version of the Valid8r library

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Valid8r - Validation for multiple programming languages.

Valid8r for Node

Valid8r is a validation library for multiple programming languages using a common JSON configuration file. Learn more about Valid8r and the configuration file at:


Either add the module as a dependency to your project or install it manually:

 npm install valid8r_node


There is an Express app that will serve up the Kitchen Sink using a Jade template. You can check them out by cloning this repo and running the npm commands:

git clone
cd valid8r_node
npm install
npm start

Here's a quick idea of how it works in node:

var Valid8r = require('valid8r_node');
config = {
  rules: require('./form_configs/kitchen-sink.json'),
  data: req.body
v = new Valid8r(config)
errors = v.validateAll()
// errors looks like: { field: error, field2: error }
// fields w/ no errors do not exist in the object.

Custom Validators

Custom validators must be placed on the special customValidators property of the Valid8r configuration object. You can define functions inline, or use require statements:

config = {
  rules: require('./form_configs/kitchen-sink.json'),
  data: req.body,
  customValidators: {
    customValidator: require('./customValidator'),
    anotherCustomValidator: function(field, error) {
    return (field != 'someCustomValue') ? 'Please try again.' : ''


Mocha tests are included in the repo. You can run them with npm test.